Alejandro Fernández Pérez de Lema, known as Xandro Leima, was born in Murcia. Spain) Xandro started his professional career in 1995.

From 2002 to 2004 Xandro was part of the prestigious orchestra “Britannia”. They performed at approximately 200 gala´s throughout Spain.

In 2004 he signed a contract with Ruffity Records and recorded as Xandro Leima his first solo album “Cerca de ti”. An album with original songs.

In 2005 Xandro started recording his second album “Jamas es Tarde”, this time directed and realized by the prestigious producer and composer Chema Purón.

In late 2007 he recorded in Miami his most recent album “Desesperadamente”. An album with beautiful songs, full of love and feelings. An album produced by Jose Luis Morin (winner of three grammys) and Mariano Ruffity. The following talented musicians and composers worked on the production of this album: Juan Carlos Perez Soto, Salo Loyo (musician and producer of Luis Miguel), Elio Tores (musician, arranged music for Ricardo Montaner) Jorge Luis Sosa (among others musician of Chayanne), Ricardo Martinez Lee Levin, Richard Bravo and among some others producer Jose Luis Morin was the author of some of the songs of this album.

In the summer of 2008 Xandro visited Holland for the first time and tried to gain ground outside Spain. During his first visit he did several interviews for dutch radiostations. In September 2008 he was support-act for Belle Perez which turned out to be a big success.

In the year 2009 Xandro started preparing himself for his introduction onto the European market. He is searching for new songs for his next album, an album that will be more pointed to the European market.

In the meantime, on July 31 2009, Xandro participated in the prestigious "Festival de Candelaria" on Tenerife. ( 150 songs participated and eventually 10 artists went to the final. Artists from the Canary Islands won the first and second price, Xandro won the third price.

Another aspect of Xandro Leima is his work as composer of music and lyrics of some of his songs like “Quien mas que tu"” of the album "Desesperadamente". Recently he composed for other artists, for the Dutch singer Jody Bernal he wrote the lyrics of "Dame tu veneno".

Xandro Leima moved temporarily from Spain to Holland and started his “Pura Fiesta Tour”, with live band and with DJ Cuzco, powered by his sponsor Licor 43.

In 2012 Xandro Leima returned to Spain to start the project "Tribute to Luis Miguel."

In April of 2013 Xandro participated in the International Song Festival in Gibraltar with his song "Nunca me enseñaste” composed and produced by William Luque and Domingo Sanchez. On the 6th.of April 2013 Xandro won the first price at the Gibraltar International Song- festival 2013. He does not just win the first price for the best song but also for best interpreter.





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